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珍惜吧,女人 !Phenomenal Man

2013-7-5 21:21| 发布者: 新闻速递| 查看: 1126| 评论: 0|原作者: 炎黄之子

摘要: 珍惜吧,女人 !Phenomenal Man(这是和同学闹着玩时胡诌的。英文是一个哥们搞的。只为一乐)太习惯了那个男人 we'v been taken as granted在你的身旁。for we are always to be around.他的 辛苦 ,奉献,Our hard- ...
珍惜吧,女人 !Phenomenal Man

太习惯了那个男人 we'v been taken as granted 
在你的身旁。for we are always to be around.
他的 辛苦 ,奉献,Our hard-working and sacrifice
已是 应该,平常。are seen as a routine and not being tired.

当年的风彩,Our youth and spirit are being passed,
你早就遗忘。You only keep it in no-where-land.
经常的抱怨  all you remember are that   
是他夜里的酣声; our snore being very sound,   
发福的肚囊。our belly bigger and bigger indeed.

你忘没忘?Please be reminded........... 
风里雨里 Throughout the tough moment, 
谁在为你遮挡; You are, by us, being protected.   
阴霾的日子, whenever in dark, the light is there since we shed  
谁是你的太阳。We are the sunshine for your road ahead.

没有他,没有你今天的风光,Without sun, no one can shine, 
没有他,家里就少了根脊梁。without men, who has spine?
是男人,给了你一片湛蓝的天空,with him, you have a beautiful and blue sky, 
是男人,给了你 一个坚强的臂膀。without man, women can not fly!

你用美丽  You and your beauty, 
拥抱生活的快乐;making everyday to be happy.
他用生命  He and his dedication with life,  
雕刻岁月的沧桑。Create the road for you to become a housewife. 

珍惜吧,女人 Cherish all and cherish everyday:
流年似水  time is going away .
时光消逝在平常。Life can not be wasted and replay.
没有他,你行路孤独,Without him, are you going to be alright?
没有他,你夜寐凄凉。Without man, you would be alone for sleepless night.

珍惜吧,女人, Be happy, cherish, and be nice,  
外面的世界   Outside world full of flavor and spice,  
永远是男人的天堂。which is often to men as paradise......... 

珍惜吧,女人 Be nice, cherish, and be happy,  
你不珍惜二奶珍惜,there are 30 billions of other girls in plenty.
还有那么多女孩  including a unintelligent girl (just kidding) awaiting, 
都比你年轻漂亮...they are all pretty, and pretty!!






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